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Iona by lithxe Iona by lithxe
This is my new D&D character, yay! She needed a cute little ref. I was going to be super cool and draw out her whole inventory but then I realized I already spent way too long on this thing so I did the most important stuff instead. She has a little pet hedgehog! ;U; She bought him at her father's menagerie haha, and he rides around in a pouch either on her belt or around her neck.

Once she is level four she will have a wolf companion; cliche I know, but wolves had the best stats. She tends to avoid conflict and prefers stealth over battle, so her travel cloak and mask are always close at hand to hide her identity.

Trying a new simpler cuter style for my humans so they look less derptastic. The whole... anatomy thing really annoys me so i'm just gonna go with this.


Name: Iona Moonleaf
Race: Human (specifically Taldan with some far elven ancestry)
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Social: Lower Nobility
Home: Absalom, Absalom
History: Great-grandparents immigrated from Taldan to Absalom and brought their wealth with them. They were "old-money" and wanted a new start in one of the most bustling trade capitals of the world. They established a manor in Absalom and opened shop that very year. Their legacy was a large and varied menagerie specializing in exotic animals and imports. They also stocked a smaller supply of other exotic goods in the "back room", but one had to have connections to know of its existence.

Her grand-parents took over the family business when it was time, and ran it successfully for many years before finally passing it on to her father. Her father enjoyed the trade, his unusually high affinity with animals (which he passed to Iona) kept the Moonleaf Menagerie in sparkling condition. He was quickly bored however with the business side of things, and often escaped into the woods or fields to work on his greatest passion, falconry. Iona's mother soon stepped in to run the business, letting her husband focus solely on the animals.

Iona was raised around animals her whole life, so it was natural for her to step into the role of a Ranger. She took after her dad in many aspects, and while he was hoping she would adopt his love for falcons, she had her sights set on training fighting-dogs and wolves.

She still loves some of the finer things in life, but she's also not afraid to get her hands dirty on an adventure. She prefers to be clean and well kempt with a tidy, matching outfit. She is proud of her House and has the crest worked into her leather jerkin as well as embroidered on her bag and cloak. Her cloak is reversible, however, with the other side being completely plain should she need to hide her identity or origins. She takes excellent care of her gear, but is known to splurge gold on things she probably does not need (i.e. her pet Hedgehog, Spindle)

Her alignment is Chaotic Good, so she generally acts under her own code. She will follow the laws unless doing so would hurt her, her companions, or innocent lives. She is slow to trust and wary of strangers, but protective to those who earn her loyalty. Iona avoids conflict if possible, preferring to use stealth and subtlety to achieve her goals; or if a battle is imminent, she will always prefer ranged attacks. She has little patience for people who think they are above others, and an irrational fear of spiders.

Her surname has an elvish ring to it from her great-grandfather who was an elf. However, he married a human, and his half-elf son (her grandfather) also married a human, repeat with her father (quarter-elf?) marrying her human mother, she is essentially just human. c:


Please do not take, reference, trace, or use my artwork in any way without my explicit permission.
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November 8, 2014
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